Thoptv Pro APK (Latest Version) v45.9.0 Live Tata IPL 2022

ThopTv Pro is a king streaming app among all the other similar apps. The app has the potential to turn your smartphone into a pocket-sized TV by offering a huge piece of entertainment content. People are loving it and giving good reviews from all around the world. The smart app can be functional on all kinds of android-based devices and for this reason, it is going to be the top downloaded streaming app. All you need to do is Download ThopTv pro app and get ready to watch all the latest entertainment content with a few clicks.

In today’s world, watching entertainment content could be motivational in many ways. Take a break to watch entertainment content so that you can get back to work more productive. There are a variety of ways to entertain yourself. Everyone knows that technology has changed everything so the source of entertainment has also changed. In older times, people loved to watch TV along with their family members for long hours. In today’s world, it is hard to take time for TV during specific hours. So many people usually miss their favorite TV shows due to time restrictions. To solve this matter, many developers come to serve the people with streaming apps like Pikashow and Thoptv Pro.

These streaming apps are highly popular among people because they transmit audio and video clips through the Internet. There is no involvement of traditional distribution operators or in other words cable operators. Many people did not want to pay a cable subscription fee and they find these IPTV apps more convenient to use. A huge number of streaming apps are serving their users with the latest and updated entertainment content. However, the main problem with them is that they stop working after some time.

Very few developers of these kinds of streaming apps update them with new content more frequently. Some developers don’t work on bugs and errors and these bugs and errors slow down this streaming app. For this reason, it is always hard to find a reliable IPTV app to watch entertainment content for leisure time. However, we have come up with the king streaming app that is known for its reliability. Millions of people from all around the world are using this app and are fully satisfied with its amazing content. Today we are going to share almost all the relevant information about this IPTV platform so if you are anxious about it then keep reading this resource till the end.

What is a ThopTv Pro?

This is an android app and the people who love streaming are very much familiar with this app. This amazing app has the ability to compete with all the premium streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and others similar. Get hands-on thousands of TV channels, latest movies, Tv shows, web series, radio and similar other entertainment content without paying any subscription fee. This smart streaming app is actively providing endless entertainment from different regions of the world. This app is immensely popular among people of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other neighboring countries. ThopTv streaming app is already serving people but the developer of this app introduced its pro version named as ThopTv Pro app. This pro version is full of exciting and joyful entertainment content without breaking the bank.

Thousands of movies, TV shows, Web series, radio channels, cartoons, sports events, news and a lot more others are not a big deal for this pro version. In short, the app is offering to outclass services similar to premium streaming apps.

To cater to the female audience, this app has lots of dramas, Indian soap serials and many exciting TV shows, comedy movies so that they can laugh after a long tiring day. This is an engaging app that can provide all the entertainment services for people of all ages. The app is actively delivering a superb collection of informative videos for women. Cooking channels and other live channels can make their day more exciting at home.

As the app has something in store for everyone because the app is going to offer many kids programs, cartoons and other similar shows to excite them. Many informative kids documentaries, animals programs and other kids programs are present in the app. Countless national and international entertainment content are delighting all of its users.

How can the developer forget about the sports lovers? The app has all the sports events that most Asian people love to watch. To keep the user’s interest alive, the app is offering these sporting events like ICC World Cup, Women’s cricket world cup, IPL, BPL, Champion Trophy, T20 world cup, world test championship, Ashes series and similar others.

Almost all of us want to stay updated with what is happening in the world right now. Just take your smartphone from your pocket, watch all the live news and talk shows related to politics and other current affairs. This mini-tv will update its users with all the latest happenings around the world by sitting at home.

Thoptv pro smart app is easygoing as it is functional without any registration and password. The smart user interface will let its users use the app without complications as everything is well categorized in an understandable manner. Now everyone wants to spend a lot of time on mobile screens because the app is engaging.

Who developed this app?

To develop this app for stream lovers, all the credit goes to the ThopTv team. This app is mainly designed for android devices but it can work on PC as well. To provide entertainment in the palm of the users, the team of app developers collected various channels under the umbrella.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is the safest streaming platform because it is not an ordinary android app. This app is immensely popular along with a huge fan following from different countries of the world. All the users of this app find it beneficial and fully satisfied with the outcomes.

However, as you know that ThopTv and ThopTv pro is not available on Google Play Store. One must have to download and install it through third-party websites and sometimes these third-party links are malware affected. For this reason, they can do more harm than good so one must have to search for a reliable source before installation of such kinds of apps.

What are the key features of Thoptv Pro?

This amazing app is favorable in all aspects for its users because it is packed with multiple user-friendly features. This app is the result of hard work done by the developer and for this reason, people are luring this app magnetically. We are going to share a list of its features that will surely convince you to download and install the app. Have a look at the elegant features as under.

Live Channels

The app is offering a big number of national and international live TV channels to delight its users with diversity. These channels are in multi-languages like Urdu, English, Bengali, and similar other languages. These channels include sports channels, news channels, kids channels and various others.

Thoptv Pro

Sports channels

This streaming app is covering various sports channels from all around the world to delight cricket, football and similar sports lovers. Users can watch all the important sports events like IPL, T20 World cup live and can check their scores.

Indian channels

In many Asian countries, people love to watch Indian dramas and other Indian channels. To delight them, this app has almost 500 Indian channels of various categories.


Around 1000 movies are present on this small-sized app. These movies belong to Hollywood, Bollywood, South India, Punjabi, Bengali and similar other countries. Users can explore movies from various genres like action, war, crime and adventures. Enjoy both old and the latest movies under one roof.

Web series

Many people are fond of TV shows and web series so developers of this app lure those people by adding a huge number of web series and all the latest TV shows in this app. Some prominent examples of the web series are The family man, Cartel, Game of Thrones, what if, Loki, Mirzapur and many others.


If you don’t want to search your favorite content again and again then the app is giving an option to make a list of favourites. Hence, whenever you want to watch your favorite content then go to the list.


Subtitles are provided to each video so that the majority of the people can take advantage of this service.

HD video quality

All the videos are in HD quality and users can adjust the video quality according to their needs without any interruption.

Radio channels

Those who love to listen to radio channels while driving, cooking and doing other work. This app is packed with hundreds of radio channels for its users.

Smart search option

Search option is given for the convenience of the users because with this search option, users can search the content by its name.

No buffering

This pro version has a stable, active and 100% functional link and all the video contents can be played without facing any buffering issues.

Latest version

As we mentioned earlier, this is the latest version of ThopTv and it will amuse its users with more exciting entertainment.

Errors and bugs fixed

All the errors and bugs that a user faced in the previous version is now fixed. Enjoy this version along with a smooth and better streaming experience.

Inbuilt media player

There is no need to install a media player to run this app because this streaming app has an inbuilt media player.

Lightweight app

The app is tiny in size but does wonderful work for stream lovers. It is not required to delete any apps from your smartphone in order to install the app.

Customer Support

The streaming app comes with good customer support. So if users face any technical and non-technical issues then they can contact the team immediately. The customer support center is responsive and tries to resolve the matter instantly.

Free of cost

Yes, you hear it right, the app is free of cost for all android based devices without any further hidden charges.

Cast and firestick

This is basically an android app and users can watch all of the entertainment content on their smartphones or tablet devices. But if someone wants to see them on Tv then he can use cast and firesticks.

No usage restrictions

The app is convenient in all manners and users of the app is not restricted to watching channels during specific hours. They can start streaming whenever they have leisure time because the app is working 24/7.

Thoptv Pro

General features.

Some general features of the app are as under.

  • Android versions. The app is compatible with all kinds of android versions without having any technical issues.
  • No password. The app will not ask its users to remember any password key for opening the app.
  • No Registration. Registration is not required to use the app and it will not ask any personal questions at any point in time while using this app.
  • Good speed. The smart streaming app is working with full potential and with good speed.
  • No root. Utilize all the features of the app without rooting the device because it can work with potential on rooted as well as non-rooted devices.

How to download and install the app?

Many habitual third-party app users have an idea of how to install the app from a third-party source. Downloading and installation of apps from apk websites is different as compared to Good Play Store.

The latest link to this app is given in our post as many people are looking for it. However, the app is easier to install from our website without any unnecessary steps. The best platform for entertainment will be on your device if you will follow these bullet points in sequence.

  • Tap on the download button of ThopTv Pro if you are ready to download this app from our website.
  • After downloading this app on your device, the next critical step for first-time users only is to switch on the unknown sources option from the security settings of android and others just jump to the next step.
  • Search for the downloaded app of ThopTv Pro from the internal storage of the device if you want to install the app right now.
  • The app will ask for permission via a pop-up notification that appears on the screen.
  • After allowing this pop-up, Get ready to explore this streaming app within a few seconds so have patience.

Why is ThopTv not available on Google Play Store?

Many ThopTv fans asked this question on different forums why we can not find this app on Google Play Store. This sounds suspicious because the app is complete in all aspects and is missing in the default app store.
However, the reason behind this is copyright claims by TV broadcasters. So the developers released this app as a third-party app. Google Play Store is very strict with its terms and conditions about infringement issues.

However, if the streaming app is not present on Google Play Store then it doesn’t mean that the app is not good. The app has numerous channels and a lot of entertainment content from all around the world.

How to use the Thoptv app?

It is worth mentioning that one of the best streaming apps has a smart user interface and all the entertainment content is categorised in an understandable manner. Even a person with low-technical skills can operate the app without facing any difficulty due to having an amazing interface. One page menu contains all the categories so that users can select according to their needs.

Is it available for PC?

This amazing app can work with full potential on PC or Laptop and it is currently supporting Windows, MAC or Linux etc. In short, its usage is not limited to mobile users, everyone can use it on PC and other devices.

ThopTv Connection errors.

If your ThopTv is not working and you are worried about that then there may be more than one reason. Don’t worry we will explain each error in detail and give the users all possible means to resolve them.

Source down issue. The majority of users blame Internet connection when the app is not working. Sometimes the original servers of the app are down for a variety of reasons that’s why the app is not working. This is the most common error ThopTv Pro users have to face sometimes. Users have to wait for it because whenever the official source start working this issue will be resolved. This is the only way to fix this kind of error.

Connection error. If users of this app are currently residing in another country except for India then they will face this problem. Connection error can only be resolved by enabling the VPN for PC and Android users. Connection Timeout. This is another common error that many users faced. While starting the app users get a connection timeout. This annoying error can be fixed by restarting the app. After restarting, give it some time to start working again.

How to update the ThopTv pro app?

If someone is already using this app and wants to update it for a better experience. Then it is not difficult as the developer has recently released an updated version of this app. If you want to get the hands-on new updated version of ThopTv Pro then do the following.

First of all, uninstall the older version of this streaming app so that your device gets ready for the new version.
Download the latest version from our website by following all the above-mentioned installation instructions.
Remember one thing: the installation procedure for the updated version is the same as when you install its previous version for the first time. There is only one different step that is uninstalling the previous one.

What’s new in this updated version?

As you know the developer has updated this streaming app to provide a better experience to its users. No doubt, the developer has worked very hard to make it more easy-going for the users. The team of developers do a lot of work to fix different kinds of errors and bugs that used to annoy its users. Get ready for a more responsive and good speed streaming app for entertainment.

ThopTV versions.

Developers of this app have updated it many times so there are many versions available for this app. These versions include ThopTv apk v38.0, v39.0, v40.0, v41.0, v42.0, v43.0, v44.1, v44.3.1, v44.4.0, v44.5.0, v44.5.2. These are the previous versions available for the ThopTv app but the ThopTv Pro is a new app that has been released recently for stream lovers.

How to open the app on Chrome or Firefox?

Users of this app can check its official website to see its credibility. Go to the ThopTv on chrome or Mozilla firefox. Do the following if you want to open this app on chrome or firefox.

  • Copy the Url ( and paste this Url on the browser’s search bar. Give it a go.
  • This URL will redirect to a new page where this page will ask you to download Add-ons to keep streaming online.
  • If you find that the given URL is not working then we will suggest you use VPN.

In Summary.

It is summed up that ThopTv Pro is a streaming app that has taken the whole world by storm due to its amazing entertainment content. It is super beneficial for people of all ages because this app is packed with numerous channels and a wide variety of videos for people of all ages. Latest web series, movies, dramas and other related entertainment content at your fingertips. Download this app if you don’t want to get bored in your leisure time and also share it with your fellows and family. Good luck.